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Investment Banking Bootcamp

Accelerate and enhance your interview prep with our 4-week live online bootcamp designed to help you break into top roles on Wall Street

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Our instructors have investment banking analyst, associate and VP-level experience from:

Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley

Our graduates have landed roles in:

✔ Investment Banking

✔ Private Equity

✔ Equity Research

✔ Hedge Funds

✔ Venture Capital

✔ Corporate Development

March 2019 Live Session Dates

Track A

 Tuesdays at 7pm ET / 4pm PT

  •  March 05
  •  March 12
  •  March 19
  •  March 26

Track B

Fridays at 11am ET / 8am PT

  •  March 08
  •  March 15
  •  March 22
  •  March 29

Track C

Sundays at 1pm ET / 10am PT

  •  March 10
  •  March 17
  •  March 24
  •  March 31

Note: you will be able to select your specific track after you sign up.

Affine Score is a Huge Upgrade vs. Traditional Finance Bootcamps

We provide a unique value proposition with live sessions, 1-on-1 coaching, mentoring, resume reviews, and real work experience with reviews and feedback.

Live Session

Live Online Sessions

We conduct weekly live video sessions in groups (tracks). These are online, last for 2 hours, and members attend over a video conference. If you miss one, thats fine - you can watch the recording.  

Financial Model

Comprehensive Modeling Training

Our comprehensive modeling training covers creating fundamental operating models and projection models, fully building out 3-statement models, performing DCF, as well as both public market and transaction multiples. We will also cover introductory M&A and LBO modeling.


1-on-1 Resume Reviews, Mock Interviews and Career Coaching

These are some of the unique value adds of this bootcamp - training on building out your resume, and 1-on-1 resume review and mock interview by a former investment banking associate who will be paired with you as your mentor. The bootcamp will inlude our own propreitary interview guides. Navigating a career on Wall Street will be one of the main focus areas of the live sessions.

Deal Experience

Real Deal Experience

As a part of this bootcamp, you will get to work on a live client deal, build models and presentations for it, and see how the deal plays out over the course of the bootcamp and beyond. We will review your project and provide feedback on it.

Live Sessions Agenda

Session 0: Prior to Starting the Course

  • Resume revisions
  • Finance fundamentals
  • Interview guides

Session 1: Introduction to Finance Careers

  • Deep dive into top financial institutions and what they do
  • Deep dive into top finance roles and their day-to-day functions
  • Finance fundamentals
  • Excel fundamentals
  • Basics of networking and interviewing 
  • Guest speaker: Investment Banking Analyst

Session 2: Modeling Fundamentals

  • Analysing public company financials
  • 3-statement operating models
  • Projections
  • Ratios, margins and KPIs
  • Public company comparables  
  • Guest speaker: Investment Banking Associate

Session 3: Basic Financial Modeling

  • Transaction comparables
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) models
  • Advanced valuation and football field
  • Dissecting analyst reports
  • Guest speaker: Investment Banking VP

Session 4: Intermediate Financial Modeling and Wrap -Up

  • M&A Models
  • Building an investment thesis
  • Preparing stock pitches
  • Advanced behavioral interview prep
  • Advanced technical interview prep 
  • Guest speaker: Private Equity Associate  


  • Access to all course materials, forums and student discussions groups for next six months
  • Access to new practice interviews, case studies and other interview prep materials created for next six months
  • Option to extend access for course materials

Real Experience to Add to Resume

  The key to getting a job on Wall Street?

A network. A stellar resume. Acing your interviews. And prior work experience on Wall Street.

It's a catch-22 and we are here to help you solve it! 

Not only is this bootcamp rooted in practical training and advice, it also includes real deal experience. Affine Score is a subsidiary of Affine Finance - a financial services firm headquatered in the Bay Area. 

And the best thing of all? You can put it on your resume!


Affine Finance works with multiple clients at any give time, with relevant finance experts leading each deal. You will get a chance to dive into a real ongoing deal, build models and presentations for it, and see how the deal plays out over the course of the bootcamp and beyond. Your work will also be reviewed by the expert and our team, and we will provide you feedback and guidance on what can be improved, done differently, or aligned better in the context of the private placement, restructuring or sale.

But wait.... there's more!

For the top 5% graduates from each bootcamp track, we will personally recommend them to top-tier investment banks, consulting firms and other relevant companies in our network to help you get interviews for internships or full-time roles. You would have proved your competence to us be graduating in the Top 5% and we would be proud to recommend you as our graduates!


Our Bootcamps vs. DIY Online Courses

There is a BIG difference between enrolling in a DIY self-study course with videos vs. joining a bootcamp. 

You can think of a bootcamp as having a personal coach to train you through the prep process - like a football coach (or group of coaches) helping the team get ready for tournaments. 

Another way to think about a bootcamp is having a personal trainer at the gym vs. watching exercise DVDs - which one is more effective and keeps its participants on track? 

Live video-based sessions

Progress tracked by dedicated mentors

Coaching, mock interviews and deal work review and feedback

Access to peer community and continuity mentorship options

Our live group sessions, access to your dedicated mentor, 1-on-1 resume review, 1-on-1 mock interview and 1-on-1 live deal experience and feedback provide an unparalleled experience that you cannot get from self-study courses or even other "elite bootcamps". We want you to focus on your weaknesses and blind spots and learn to conquer them while most other "prep courses" are just canned commentaries on financial concepts and modeling.  

Who is this Bootcamp for?

Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate Students

Students looking to break into investment banking and other finance roles, or looking to prepare for their upcoming investment banking / finance internship or full-time job.


MBA Students

MBA students looking to break into investment banking and other finance roles, or looking to prepare for their upcoming investment banking / finance internship or full-time job.


Working Professionals

Current business professionals looking for a career change into investment banking or other elite finance roles.

Introduction to Your Lead Coach

This bootcamp will feature multiple guest speakers with current or former investment banking experience at bulge brackets, management consulting experience and buyside experience.

Your lead coach for this bootcamp will be our co-founder, Uren Dhanani. Uren started his career at UBS as an analyst in their New York healthcare investment banking group. He subsequently held roles at a hedge fund in San Francisco as an investment associate, at DaVita in their corporate development group, and at ComCap as a senior associate. In summary, you get as an instructor and a mentor, someone with:

  • Bulge Bracket Investment Banking Experience
  • Hedge Fund Experience
  • Corporate Development Experience
  • Tech Entrepreneurship Experience

Uren Dhanani

LinkedIn | Twitter


What you get when you sign-up with us (and the market value of each service):

  • Live bootcamp with experienced instructors: $1,000+
  • Comprehensive financial modeling training: $800+
  • Live deal experience with project review and feedback: $3,000+
  • Resume reviews and mock interviews: $1,000+
  • Career coaching: $500+

Total value: $6,300+ 

Your cost: $800 $699 (12.5% off for a limited number of seats!)  

The 12.5% discount will end in:


Psst... we have partnerships with universities nationwide - reach out to your university's career center or your finance-focused on-campus clubs to see if they have a partnership with us and if they can provide you with an additional discount code!

For reference, the all-in (base + bonus) pay for roles you can score with this bootcamp:


  • Investment banking analyst (top-tier / middle market): $150,000+ / $120,000+  
  • Private Equity / Hedge Fund analyst: $140,000+  
  • Venture Capital analyst: $100,000+  
  • Corporate Development analyst: $100,000+  


  • Investment banking associate (top-tier / middle market): $200,000+ / $175,000+  
  • Private Equity / Hedge Fund associate: $250,000+  
  • Venture Capital associate: $150,000+  
  • Corporate Development associate: $125,000+

All things considered, this bootcamp has an ROI of up to 215x, depending on your goals!


Why is it called a 4-Week Bootcamp?

The bootcamp consists of 4 live weekly sessions. The 1-on-1s can be scheduled after the 4 week window.

What are the prerequisites? 

You should be interested and motivated to start a career in investment banking or finance. Prior knowledge of finance and accounting fundamentals is recommended.

How often are Live Sessions?

Our live sessions are weekly for up to 2 hours over video conference. They are held on specific dates and times as per your chosen track. If you miss a session, you can watch the recording.  

There’s plenty of material online. Why do I need this bootcamp?

The online material is unstructured and mostly conceptual. This bootcamp gives you a curated structured path, along with live practical sessions to help you stay on track.  

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the course material for a full year - across any and all devices you own. We reserve the right to revoke access at any time if our terms are violated.  

How much time commitment should I expect?

If you want to follow the 4-week timeline, we expect you to dedicate 15-20 hours/week for this bootcamp. This includes live sessions, practice exercises and 1-on-1s.  


"This has been one of the best classes I have ever taken. I learned way more about finance, modeling and getting info top finance jobs than I did at my university's finance courses."

- Khoi N. Investment Banking Analyst 

"If you are looking for an investment banking role, do yourself a favor and take this bootcamp. Unlike the pricey and boring prep courses available elsewhere, this bootcamp is practical, to-the-point, and good value for money."

- Andy W. Investment Banking Associate 

"I took this bootcamp to help me with my own prep for banking and finance jobs, but ended up getting so much more out of it than expected. Highly recommend it!"

- Tiffany Y. Private Equity Analyst  

Money Back Guarantee: If you wish to un-enroll, email us within 24 hours after your first live session ends for a full refund. No questions asked. You effectively have from the day you sign up until 1 day after the first live session to decide if you'd like to participate.

Referrals: Refer 3 friends to sign-up for this bootcamp too, and we will give you a 70% refund on the bootcamp fee you paid. Just email referrals@affinescore.com to let us know, and cc your 3 friends who signed up!

Questions? Email us at info@affinescore.com or fill out this form and let us know how we can help you!