Get Hired Masterplan by Irina Pichura

Job searching is hard. Like real hard. 

If you're like most of us you've probably...

  • Researched the job market like it was...well...your job
  • Sent out that resume (that you secretly knew was a total disaster) 
  • And FINALLY made contact with your dream company only to be ghosted yet again

Look, I see you out there hustlin' for the life you deserve. But to get there in today's job market, you need to:

  •  Ditch old school methods and use new tools
  •  Be crystal clear on your strengths and package 'em up for recruiters
  •  Get fearless, and get out there in a big way!  

I know you're struggling...I get it...

  • You're trying to land that job that feeds your soul (and pays the bills)
  • You're battlin doubt about how your resume looks (and who-if anyone-is actually reading it)
  • And, you're tired of trying to crack the code on getting hired on your own

You don't have to go on this journey alone...

  • Whether you're navigating a murky job transition...
  • ...wondering how to present yourself when you have gaps in your resume
  • ...or you're just not sure how to show recruiters how amazing you are (and I know you're amazing!)

I'm here to show you the strategy to get you results. You just gotta be ready to work (and we both know you're not afraid to put in some elbow grease)

Hey Love,  

I'm Irina.  

I've spent ten years as a corporate recruiter for Fortune 500 companies such as ADP, Goldman Sachs, as well as NYC’s hottest startups, like The Daily Beast and Investopedia. After personally screening, interviewing, and hiring thousands of candidates for top companies, I know what makes a candidate successful, what impresses hiring managers, and what mistakes will get you a polite nod and hard "NO".  

Throughout the years, I've received tons questions from candidates wanting to know why they got the cold shoulder. Unfortunately all I ever had time to do was send them the dreaded “canned rejection letter”.  

This made me heartsick because I knew I had advice that could change their entire job search around.  

Which is why I created the "Get Hired Masterplan". In this course, I divulge the juicy secrets and keys to finding the job of your dreams. The cool part? Clients have seen results in just a matter of weeks!  

Join me and I'll walk you Step-By-Step through the proven strategies that have landed my clients jobs that made their mommas proud!  

Ya ready? Let's get it! 


So tell me, what would life look like if...

  • You stopped getting rejection letters and instead start interviewing at great companies?
  • You had recruiters and hiring managers reaching out to YOU with job opportunities?
  • You could finally work for a company that you love, with a great salary and amazing benefits?  

With the Get Hired Masterplan this can be your reality in just a matter of weeks... 

Get Hired! Masterplan

The Get Hired Masterplan isn't just a typical "download and forget it" course that you've tried a million times (and it's way cheaper than an MBA).

This course is the only implementation system program designed to get you the 1:1 attention strategy you need to succeed. 

YES, we will talk about strategy behind what you're doing, but you will also be able to pinpoint where you're going wrong, fix it, and take actionable steps towards finding your next job opportunity.

THE END RESULT: You'll begin seeing offers fast the time it takes to get rejected by 20 more companies, you could be in your dream job. 


Mastering Your Job Search Mindset  

Real change starts with mindset.  

In this module, we'll work to shift from feelings of rejection, confusion, and stress to confidence, success, and high performance.  

Using proven techniques and strategies we'll work toward the high-powered mindset needed for success in the job hunt.  

Preparing for Your Job Search  

Consider this your road map to navigating the murky unclear world of job searching.  

In this module, we'll get crystal clear on the next step of your career and learn how to find the right companies aligned with your strengths, interests and values.  

With this clarity in mind, you'll go from desperate job seeker to confident employee. 

Revamping Your Marketing Materials  

Results?! Already?!  

You betcha!  

Here we'll start tackling tech, optimize your Linkedin, and start getting you interviews.  

Learn how to show up in 40X more of recruiters search results, create a compelling cover letter, and get your resume through automated recruitment systems straight into the hands (and hearts) of a human being. 

Job Searching and Networking  

The days of applying to jobs and not hearing back are so over.  

I'll teach you how to strategically apply to jobs that will increase the odds of getting interviews.  

Worried about appearing desperate? Not sure when to send that "ahem" e-mail?  

No sweat! In this module, we'll learn to navigate all of your networking fears and psychological triggers that will have hiring managers swooning. (I would know, they've worked on me!)  

Mastering Your Interviews  

Ever wondered how explain employment gaps in an interview? How to talk effectively about your strengths and weaknesses? Or how to answer the dreaded "Tell me about yourself" question? Girl, I gotchu. In this module, learn how to easily answer even the most difficult interview questions so you'll never feel stuck in an interview again.  

I'll also give you ALL of my insider interviewing tricks that I've learned from working with hiring managers and decision makers.  

Negotiating Offers and Salary  

Is "negotiating" like a four-letter word in your vocabulary?  

It doesn't need to be!  

Most job seekers take the first offer that's presented to them because they have no idea what or how to negotiate. You'll learn how to properly accept your offer and how to position yourself to get the highest salary possible. You 👏 deserve👏it 👏  

*I'll also share two of the biggest mistakes that candidates make in the negotiation stage and also what to do if your counter offer gets rejected. 

My students see results. Every time. 

I've spent the last 12 years learning and perfecting these methods. So that you don't have to go at it alone.  

Look, you deserve to get seen, get heard, and Get Hired to the job of your dreams. It just takes a little finesse and a lot of strategy. It's in your hands to master it.  

What Get Hired students are saying...

Tonya's Story 

Tonya used to get one interview here and there, but it never turned into an offer. By joining this course, she commited to not only getting more interviews - but really getting clear (and going after) the right job for her. She is now in final rounds at several companies, deciding on which will be the right fit for her future goals! #GoTonya! 

Katie's Story 

After a year of unsuccesfully searching for a new job, Katie enrolled into the Get Hired course. She worked on her mindset, got clarity on what companies she wanted work for, made changes to her marketing materials, and received an offer at her dream company in just 5 short weeks! 

Elisha's Story

Elisha was transitioning into a different industry. Get Hired helped her stay focused and motivated to update her resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to connect with right employers. This course showed her how to research her target companies and confidence to approach them with her new marketing materials.  

LOOK, these 6 weeks are ganna fly by anyway. Use them to learn how to Get Hired. Ya Ready?

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Don't dally though, doors close on this offer and I don't when (or if) I'm ever gonna offer it again. The time for you to totally own your job search is now.



In just 6 weeks, you could be accepting offers and stacking that paper!  

What if...

  • You had every step (and I mean EVERY step) of the job search process clearly laid out for you so you never had to wonder "when am I ever going to find this new job"...and instead could put your energy and focus on what is working today. 
  • You had 100% confidence throughout the entire job search, interview and offer negotiation stages?
  • You could finally end your job search and be free from the stress and worry of having to go on another interview.  
That's the opportunity I want to introduce to you today.
That's the opportunity I want to introduce to you today.


  • 6 Video Modules - 24/7 access on your desktop or phone 
  • Supplemental Workbooks downloadable PDFs containing checklists, resources, and guides to keep you organized  
  • Job Search Templates for all stages of your job search (networking, informational interviews, post interview 'thank you' letters, etc) 

  • BONUS #1: Resume Template - Automatic System Tracking (ATS) Friendly 
  • BONUS #2: Compelling Cover Letter Template 
  • BONUS #3: Private Members-only Facebook Community ready to hold you accountable and support you when you need it 
  • BONUS #4: Live 1:1 implementations calls to answer all of your questions

What they're saying...

"Irina has helped me gain the opportunity to get out of the black hole I used to call Retail. Irina guided me through each interview, gave me great insights on the companies, and constantly made sure I felt prepared. 

Irina thank you, today I am a Sales Executive for a leading company because of your guidance."

Karen DeLama - Business Development Manager

"Irina is very knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to the job hunt. Her process helped me dust off my resume and get me noticed on Linkedin. 

I saw a huge change in my LinkedIn traffic almost immediately. She made the process easier and faster for me. I would highly recommend her to any job seeker."

Vanessa Bridges - Sourcing Specialist

"I always relied on staffing agency recruiters, but I wanted to learn a new and better way to approach my dream companies.  

This course gave me the templates that I used to get the informational interviews - which led me to get a coffee meeting with someone who helped me find my new job."  

Lolita Cipriano - Executive Assistant  

Get Hired Masterplan is RIGHT for you if...

  • You’re feeling stressed, discouraged, or stuck and need help with your job search 
  • Want to get clear on the next steps of your career and which companies are right for you
  • Need to revamp your resume, optimize your LinkedIn profile and craft a compelling cover letter 

Get Hired Masterplan is NOT for you if...

  • You want to continue wasting time submitting applications ad getting rejected
  • You're okay navigating your job search solo
  • You are in an industry way outside the standard "corporate model"

What others have asked before saying "Heck Yes" to the Get Hired Masterplan

Q: I ALREADY HAVE FULL-TIME JOB, WHEN WILL I FIND THE TIME TO DO THE COURSE? A: This is a self-paced course, meaning you can take your time go as quicky as you want. You also will have this course and all the updates for life, meaning, if you find yourself in the job search again, you can come back to the course.


A: This is an incredibility common occurance. We address it directly in the modules.

Q: I DON'T KNOW IF I HAVE THE RIGHT QUALIFICATIONS FOR MY DREAM JOB. WILL THIS PROGRAM STILL WORK FOR ME? A: 100%. Part of the process is digging deep into your life experience and positioning your skills in the most palatable way we can. Even if you're young or have been unemployed, I guarantee you have skills that an employer needs and wants.

Q: THE JOB MARKET IS TOUGH IN MY AREA. WILL I STILL BENEFIT? A: Even in the toughest job market, I have seen people succeed with this program. Because even when it's hard to find a job, standing out with a killer resume and interview skills can make all the difference.  

Q: IS IT WORTH THE INVESTMENT? A: How valuable your time? This coure can easily save you weeks (if not months) of time researching and learning how to find your next job - not to mention the likely salar increase you'll get in your new job. That salary bump your overall happiness ill ore than over the cost of the course.  


A: If you follow the step-by-step process and do the work, it will work you.  

It has worked for hundreds of other students who are happily employed at jobs they love today. This course includes everything you need to do the same.  


A: Now I want you feel fully supported along every part of your job search, that is why I host weekly Q&A inside a private Members Only Facebook group  

You'll also get support and help from other like-minded job searchers.  

Plus, you'll be backed by...

Get Hired Masterplan gives you a complete job search strategy, along with some of my very best tips and tricks that I’ve given to my students that are happily hired today. But if for some reason Get Hired doesn’t work for you? Then I’ll gladly give you a full refund within 30 days. 

Now, if you do end up requesting a refund, you’ll need to show me that you did the work by completing the workbooks and revamping your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter. The information you’ll learn is important, but it won’t work, if you don’t put it into action. 

I want you to try my strategies and start seeing results. I am more than confident that this course will work for you, just as it has for other Get Hired students.

View full refund policy » 

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Messages from Get Hired Students, who are happily employed today... 

Fight the FOMO and make sure you get in on this (almost insanely discounted) price.  



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